Pendleton Street Advisors


Our first order of business? Learning yours.


Asking questions is at the heart of our process. Not just questions about your company, but also your personal finances, long-term goals, and how you envision a successful outcome.

Through research, analysis and advice, we combine proven methodologies with a customized approach to assist clients at every stage of their financial lives. We work confidentially and closely with any existing advisors you may have in place, as well as any additional support you may need to contract as we move forward with our engagement.

With any prospective client, our first step is to schedule a consultation. If together we determine that our services are fit to your needs, we’ll work with you to carefully plan your business’s next phase.




We help owners of closely held businesses answer the following types of questions:

  • How much is my business worth?
  • How quickly is my business growing in value?
  • What is the risk of my business as an investment?
  • What return am I getting on my business as an investment?
  • Should I put more capital into my business?
  • How much capital will it take to grow at my projected rate?
  • When is my business value at its high point?
  • How efficiently am I managing my working capital?
  • Should I pay down debt or take on more?
  • What investments should I make outside of the business?
  • Do my other investments make sense when my business is considered?
  • Can I reduce the risk of my business and still meet my objectives?
  • Am I properly insured given my objectives?
  • Can I continue to spend at my current rate without depleting my wealth?
  • How much can I afford to give away?