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Case Study 5

Case Study 5


Managing Assets After an Insurance Industry Merger

Chris’s family wasn’t interested in taking over his privately held insurance brokerage. Neither was his staff. And so, when he felt like it was finally time to cash out, he knew he’d have to look for an outside buyer. He quickly found a business broker who could handle the merger of his company. Then, he went looking for a team that could handle everything after.

“I needed someone who could take care of my portfolio and the assets that came out of that merger, someone who could maximize the return without me having to be hands-on — that’s when I was referred to Pendleton Street Business Advisors,” Chris said.

Pendleton Street has helped Chris convert assets to cash, and then manage that cash so that it continues to serve him well into retirement. A serial entrepreneur, Chris now has liquidity available to shepherd new ideas and projects without risking his family’s financial security.

“At the end of the day, it’s about a relationship,” Chris says. “Pendleton Street shows a genuine interest in what I want out of life. They stay one step ahead of me in terms of suggestions, and they do so much more than manage our stocks.” From questions about his mother-in-law’s estate to advice on end of the year donations, the Pendleton Street team is there to make sure all Chris’s financial concerns are addressed.