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Case Study 1

Increasing a Printing Company’s Value in Preparation for Sale

Almost without realizing it, Henry had begun preparation for the sale of his three-decade-old printing business. First, he bought out his brother’s share of the company. Then, he brought in two executives to manage the day-to-day operations. “I knew I’d have to get out eventually,” he recalls. “I also knew we’d gotten to the point where continuing to grow the business would require a greater investment of time and capital than I was willing to invest at my age. It just felt like time."

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Case Study 2

Pushing Through a Growing Company’s Plateau

After enjoying eight years of organic growth, Ashley’s business had hit a wall. “I was working harder than ever, but we had plateaued. I realized, OK, I’ve made it this far. But if I want to continue to have substantial and incremental growth, I’ve got to make even better decisions and bring in someone more capable than I am,” she says.

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Case Study 3

Divvying Up a Family-Run Sand and Trucking Operation

After four generations of family ownership, Jason and his two older brothers had begun to question whether it was time for an exit strategy. While Jason wanted to continue working for a few years, his brothers were ready for retirement. Not wanting to be left in a bind, Jason contacted his estate planner to see what his next step should be. The suggestion? Work with Pendleton Street Advisors to formulate a plan.

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Case Study 4

Selling After Exponential Growth

It all started with a blog post. When Pendleton Street Business Advisors came across Jessica’s anxious musings on the exponential growth of her business and whether she was ready to sell to any one of the numerous investors who had come knocking at her door, they got curious. PSBA found her contact information in the fine print of her trademark application. And then, made a call.

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Case Study 5

Managing Assets After an Insurance Industry Merger

Chris’s family wasn’t interested in taking over his privately held insurance brokerage. Neither was his staff. And so, when he felt like it was finally time to cash out, he knew he’d have to look for an outside buyer. He quickly found a business broker who could handle the merger of his company. Then, he went looking for a team that could handle everything after.

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Case Study 6

Making the Most of a Quick-Turnaround Sale

Where business begins, friendship ends. Or so the saying goes. But for Nathan and Jen, it seemed only natural to reach out to longtime friends at Pendleton Street for occasional off-the-cuff business advice. When the couple was ready to sell their burgeoning lifestyle company, they knew it was finally time to engage in a formal relationship.

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