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Case Study 1

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Here’s what Matt had to say about working with us…

When you start a company it can be challenging to know if you’re “doing it right”. You can’t always find comparable data for companies in your industry that are your size to benchmark against.

Sometimes it can feel like there is no clear “black and white” decision-making process. There are always fires burning and you learn something new (the hard way) every day. To say being an entrepreneur is challenging is an understatement.

We recently completed the Founder Planning program with Pendleton Street Business Advisors. This was the best investment we have made in our business (outside of our awesome people!).

The team at pendleton street took the time to learn what was important to me as the founder, our vision for the company, and show me how the business aligned (or misaligned) with our goals.

The Founder Planning program has me thinking differently about how we make decisions and what truly matters.

Utilizing decades of experience provided us with the opportunity to help Matt in a meaningful way that will help him continue to grow a strong foundation he can continue to build from.