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Strategic counsel when you need it most.


We help business owners successfully navigate the most important decisions of their careers. Whether your venture is just taking off or your tenure is drawing to its close, we understand the magnitude of the moment you’re facing.

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takeoff clients

Make the most of your company’s potential.

At the point when an entrepreneur must act quickly to capitalize on short-window opportunity, we help them structure capital and manage growth.


landing clients

Feel confident your legacy is in good hands.

At the point when an owner is ready for an exit strategy, we help them maximize their business’s value and uphold its founding principles so that they feel confident their legacy is left in good hands.




By focusing on these unique situations in the life of a business, we’re able to offer clients big picture solutions that achieve prosperous outcomes and protect long-term wealth.


Our Capabilities

Business Exit Planning +
We help business owners first determine their need for an exit strategy or succession plan, and then work with them to shift their goals from business ownership to wealth stewardship. By listening closely to our clients’ objectives, we can illuminate the differences between selling to an outside buyer and transitioning ownership within a company. And, we can help structure a change in ownership so that seller and buyer mutually benefit from the outcome.

Valuation Advisory Services +
We provide actionable advice based on analysis of company-specific drivers of risk and return. We begin by answering the following questions:
  • Are owners receiving sufficient return for the risk they are taking?
  • What factors have historically driven or limited value, and can those factors be managed to create more value?
  • What trends exist in business value over time?
We also perform tax valuations in accordance with the regulations and guidance established by the Internal Revenue Service and other taxing authorities. Our business valuation opinions are fully defensible and documented to withstand scrutiny from the IRS or other regulatory bodies.

Asset Management +
We look after our clients’ holistic financial health, not just that of their business interests. Our firm manages portfolios of publicly traded securities for business owners and their families. We know consistent returns over time produce the most satisfying results for clients, and we build portfolios that speak to our clients’ objectives no matter the market conditions.

Our highly skilled analytical team advises clients on the various components of risk and return in wealth management decisions. We coordinate with estate planners and tax advisors to develop strategies that reduce taxes and streamline distribution of wealth, and we seek to maximize after-tax income, helping clients sustain their lifestyle after exiting their business.

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